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Our Services

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning


The carpet and furniture in your home gets a lot of use. We take care of years of wear on the carpet and many nights eating and watching while cats and dogs are lying on the carpet beneath you or the couch next to you. Our cleaning methods restore furniture upholstery to a clean state. Simply Green Cleaning is able to remove all kinds of stains or spills all without risking damage through over saturation of water.

Tile & Grout Cleaning


Just like your carpet, tile and grout cleaning is required periodically to maintain a fresh and clean look throughout your home or business. Brand new tiles will get dirty after prolonged use from things getting dragged, dirty shoes and spills. Grout draws and holds dirt that gives it an especially dirty appearance. These conditions become the perfect incubator for all types of nasty bacteria and germs. Simply Green Cleaning uses the same Eco friendly methods we apply to carpet cleaning to effectively and safely clean your tiles and grout to restore it to its original appeal.


Water Damage Restoration


When water damage occurs over time there is not much you can do at home. The longer the water is in your carpet, drywall and frame of your home or business, the worse the damage is. Eventually mold will begin to grow which is danger to the whole family. At Simply Green, we provide a fast response 24/7 to begin the water damage restoration as quick as possible. We use top of the line equipment designed to efficiently remove any and all water from your home or business. Our professionals have years of experience and understand how delicate and precise they need to be to extract water and utilize the most effective methods to restore you from water damage.


 - Urine Treatments

 - Scotch-guard Treatments

 - Mattress Cleaning

 - Deodorizing Treatments



All Cleaning Done is Non-Toxic and Kids & Pets Friendly. 

Dries in 1-2 Hours!


Give us a call at day or night for a free estimate at: 1 - 862 - 686 - 6964

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